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These regulations may undergo changes in compliance with state and federal regulations (FIDAL) in force at the time of the event.


Roma Ostia Ssd together with RCS Sports and Events, organize and hold the 1st edition of the Rome Half Marathon, over the distance of half marathon, Km 21.0975.

The race, included in the FIDAL national calendar, and in the process of being included in the World Athletics calendar, will take place in Rome, on Sunday, October 20, 2024, starting from the Colosseum at a time to be defined (between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.).

By registering for the race, the athlete declares to have read and fully accept these Regulations.




Italian and foreign athletes meeting one of the following requirements can participate:


  1. Athletes registered for 2024 with clubs affiliated with FIDAL belonging to the categories Juniors/Promises/Seniors/Masters M/F (born from January 1, 2006).
  2. Athletes born from January 1, 2004, holding a Runcard Fidal (20 years old).
  3. Athletes born from January 1, 2004, holding a Runcard EPS (20 years old).
  • Note that Runcard and Runcard EPS must always be accompanied by a specific medical certificate for athletics issued by a doctor in Italy, valid on 20/10/2024.
  1. Disabled athletes registered for 2024 with clubs affiliated with one of the following Paralympic Sports Federations recognized by the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee): FISPES (Italian Paralympic and Experimental Sports Federation), FISDIR (Italian Federation of Sports for Intellectual and Relational Disabilities). In this case, athletes must present a copy of the valid (2024) registration, or a declaration of registration on the letterhead of the club with the stamp and signature of the President.
  2. Fitwalker athletes affiliated with Fidal or holding a Runcard FIDAL, combined with a specific medical certificate for athletics issued by a doctor in Italy.


Italian athletes (residents in Italy or abroad) not registered must obtain membership to participate in the race. The organizing company offers Fidal membership at €25.00 for participants in the Rome Half Marathon. Membership is valid from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, and can be subscribed to concurrently with registration for the Rome Half Marathon.





Italian athletes residing abroad, who will turn 18 in 2024 or have already turned 18, can participate.

They must meet one of the following requirements:

– Be affiliated with Foreign Federations of Athletics, affiliated with World Athletics or IPC. In this case, they must send, at the time of registration, (via email to a self-certification of membership.

– Be affiliated with Fidal through an affiliated club.

– Hold a RUNCARD FIDAL (in this case, they must be over 20 years old) combined with a medical certificate of fitness for athletics issued by an Italian doctor, which must be presented to the organizers in original and kept, in copy, by the organizing company.

Participation of Italian athletes residing abroad without one of the above-listed requirements is not allowed.



Foreign athletes, who will turn 18 in 2024 or have already turned 18, of non-Italian nationality, with foreign residence, can participate.

They must meet one of the following requirements:

– Be registered for 2024 with Foreign Federations of Athletics, affiliated with World Athletics or IPC. In this case, they must send, at the time of registration, (via email to a self-certification of membership.

– Hold a RUNCARD FIDAL (from 20 years old) combined with a medical certificate that may be issued in their own country, but the same examinations required by Italian regulations must have been performed: a) medical examination; b) complete urine examination; c) resting and stress electrocardiogram; d) spirometry.



Foreign athletes can also take part in Touristic-Sporting activities as “non-affiliated foreign citizens,” by duly filling out the liability waiver form and uploading an identity document to validate it.

It is specified that foreign athletes referred to are “non-affiliated foreign citizens.” They will be listed alphabetically upon arrival, separate from the rankings of the competitive event, and will not be eligible for any prizes, whether in kind, cash, vouchers, bonuses, fees, or reimbursements of any kind.



Registration is done online on the website by October 7, 2024 (registration deadline), and payment can be made through one of the following methods:


  • Credit card transaction (on the website;
  • Bank transfer to IBAN: IT93F0200805239000102570196, made payable to: Roma Ostia, with “AS THE FIRST THING” in the payment reason, followed by the order number displayed at the end of the online registration. Cumulative transfers are possible; the important thing is to indicate the order numbers first in the reason, and if there are more than two, also send the payment receipt by email ( If online registration has not yet been completed, the athlete’s surname must be indicated first in the reason.
  • Cash payment at the RomaOstia office at Viale Marco Polo 104 (after completing the online registration).

Online registration CANNOT be done at the office.

Athletes unable to register online can request the registration form at to be sent via email or delivered by hand to the office.

Registration for disabled athletes, only if compliant with point 1.4 of this regulation, must be done online and then communicated to for verification of exemption.



Fidal 2024 memberships will be verified by the organizers directly from the Fidal archives starting from January 2024.


Therefore, no documentation proving membership needs to be sent, and the organizers will validate the membership of all those who are compliant for the year 2024, both with membership and with the certificate by the date of 10/20/2024.

Please note that athletes with 2024 Membership and a Medical Certificate expiring before 10/20/2024 will have their membership check marked as red (KO) until the club president updates the valid certificate on the Fidal portal for the race date.



They must submit a copy of the CIP/FISPES – CIP/FISDIR card valid until March 3, 2024.




Teams with a minimum of 10 participants can send an Excel file with the data of participating athletes for registration. To request the standard file to fill out, send an email to

The team registration manager can make a single payment for a certain number of athletes. Along with the payment receipt, they must send the list of athletes for whom the payment was made. The list must be sent together with the payment to avoid problems with payment attribution.

Payments without accompanying lists received close to the registration fee deadline must adjust to the new cost.


Therefore, a new bank transfer must be made as a supplement.

Team registrations can be settled via bank transfer and/or in cash at the GSBRun office.



The first 2000 registrants are entitled to a fee of Euro 35.00.

Subsequent registrations, from 2000 to 4000, will cost Euro 40.00.

From 4000 to 6000, the fee is Euro 45.00.

Over 6000, the fee is Euro 50.00.


REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON OCTOBER 7, 2024, unless otherwise indicated by the organizers, who may decide to extend the deadline.



All athletes who have paid the registration fee are entitled to the race shirt, any additional gadgets sponsored by partners, refreshments along the route, a final refreshment, and a finisher medal.



  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer to be made WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM REGISTRATION to the following bank account: UNICREDIT Bank, ROMA PADRE SEMERIA Branch (30554), Largo Fochetti – payable to Roma Ostia IBAN: IT93F0200805239000102570196 – BIC/SWIFT Code: UNCRITM1B66. NOTE: It is necessary to include the order number assigned during registration in the reason for payment. Cumulative transfers for multiple athletes can also be made, in which case the order numbers of the registrations must be included in the reason for payment, and the receipt must be sent via email to

For transfers from abroad, any fees are entirely the responsibility of the sender. If foreign transfers arrive with fees that reduce the registration fee, the athlete must pay the difference. Foreign checks are not accepted.


A photocopy of the transfer receipt should not be sent.

The registration will be considered valid, and the bib will be assigned only after confirmation of payment is received by the organization.

Please note that when making payment via Bank Transfer, the registration order number assigned during registration must be included in the payment reason. Cumulative transfers for multiple athletes can also be made, in which case the order numbers must be included in the payment reason, and the receipt must be sent via email for security (

For transfers from abroad, any fees are entirely the responsibility of the sender. If foreign transfers arrive with fees that reduce the registration fee, the athlete must pay the difference, while foreign checks are not accepted.



Participation fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

However, if a participant registered for the Rome Half Marathon 2024 is unable to participate, they can transfer their registration fee to another athlete or postpone it to the following year.


The new participant must register and enroll online regularly and provide a valid membership card. The assigned bib number will correspond to the time declared by the new participant. Name changes can be made until October 7, 2024, by paying the difference in fees between the one already paid and the current fee at the time of the change. NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE POSSIBLE AFTER October 7, 2024. After this date, a registered participant unable to participate can only pick up the race kit.


By October 7, 2024, it will be possible to transfer the registration to the next edition in 2025, upon email communication with a copy of the €15.00 payment attached. In this case, the race kit for the current edition cannot be collected.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card by requesting the payment link at

BANK TRANSFER to be made to UNICREDIT Bank, ROMA PADRE SEMERIA Branch (30554), Largo Fochetti – payable to Roma Ostia IBAN: IT93F0200805239000102570196 BIC/SWIFT Code: UNCRITM1B66.

Participation fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


Bib numbers will be assigned at the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee, considering the times declared at registration after careful verification.


The bib number will be assigned, after the registration deadline, only to athletes whose registration is complete with payment of the fee.

The time entered at registration must be related to certified half marathons between 2022 and 2024, and the results must be available online (otherwise, the participant must provide the organization with the ranking or the link to it).

It is mandatory to fill in the fields related to the location, date, and name of the race where the best time was achieved in the half marathon distance.

The insertion or modification of the best time can be made until 00:00 on October 7, 2024, by email to After this date, it will be impossible to change the time and the corresponding bib number assigned because it will be personalized.

Therefore, we recommend checking the time declared by you and verified by the organization from your Reserved Area or contacting the secretariat for information to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.



Starting grid times for 2024 will be communicated later.

Once a personalized bib number is assigned, it cannot be changed.



At the start, participants will be divided into grids (the first ones for runners, the last one for Fit walkers) according to the bib number.

The bibs will have different colours corresponding to the assigned grid. It is not possible to enter a different grid from the one assigned; otherwise, the athlete will be subject to disqualification.

Each athlete’s time will be electronically recorded at the start line, at the start of the race, at the finish line, and at the 5th, 10th, and 15th kilometres.

Participants who start from a different grid than the one assigned will be responsible for the infringement and will be cautioned and monitored for any subsequent editions of the Rome Half Marathon they may participate in.

Athletes must participate in the race with the bib and the corresponding chip provided by the Organizing Committee. If an athlete participates with someone else’s bib and chip or carries other chips on the course, they will be subject to disqualification and reported to the Federal Authorities.

It is absolutely forbidden to abandon any clothing or object inside the starting grids before the start. Each athlete must dispose of any spare clothing, warming blankets, or similar items before entering the grids; alternatively, they must throw away what they will not wear to compete outside the barriers before lining up at the starting line.



The Rome Half Marathon starts in “waves” and the ranking is based on Real Time, so on the actual time taken from crossing the start line to the finish line. Only for elite athletes and for positions that qualify for cash prizes, the times will be processed according to GUN TIME (time from the gun). For the application of GUN TIME, elite athletes are considered those who have the following accreditation times in the last two years:

Under 01:10:00 for men;

Under 01:20:00 for women.

The number of waves and the starting time of each wave will be communicated later.



Bib and race kit collection will take place at the Rome Half Marathon village. Location and times will be communicated later.



  • FIDAL Members: They must regularize their position on the Fidal portal before collecting the bibs (membership and valid certificate, updated by the President of the club)
  • Runcard holders: They must upload the medical certificate to the organizers’ portal or alternatively bring it in original form when collecting the bib.


Athletes with IRREGULAR registration who do not regularize their position will not be able to collect the bib and chip but only the race kit.



Companies wishing to collect race bibs for more than 5 athletes must schedule an appointment by sending an email. It is also possible to book by sending a WhatsApp message to the number +393513096410. For company collection, it is necessary to present a collective authorization containing the names of all athletes for whom the race bibs are being collected, along with a copy of the delegate’s document. For further information, please contact +393513096410 from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

Under no circumstances will race bib and race kit delivery be available on Sunday mornings.



You can collect a race bib for another athlete by completing the AUTHORIZATION already present on the confirmation letter.

The delegate must show their identity document and a copy of the delegating document.

Without the above, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO COLLECT THE RACE BIB OF ANOTHER ATHLETE (even if they are a Society Manager).



The classification processing will be done using the disposable chip that each athlete will receive attached to the race bib.

Final classifications, excluding elite runners, will be based on Real Time (time from start to finish line).



The maximum race time is set at 3 hours and 30 minutes. There will be two checkpoints:


  • Km 10: for those who do not pass within 1 hour and 40 minutes;
  • Km 15: for those who do not pass within 2 hours and 30 minutes.


All athletes passing these times will be asked to stop by officials. All classified athletes within the maximum time will be given an artistic medal upon arrival.



Along the route, there will be at least three refreshment stations: around km 5, 10, 15. Other refreshment points will be communicated later. If weather conditions require it, the Race Director will consider the possibility of adding a sponging point near km 14. At the finish, there will be a final refreshment with the delivery of a bag containing: water, saline supplement, and more.



Pacemakers are experienced athletes who help participants achieve the predetermined time goal. The list of 2024 pacemakers and their final times will be announced later.



For all provisions related to the Paralympic Race of the Rome Half Marathon, please refer to the specific official regulations drawn up according to the IPC Athletics provisions and the regulations of the Paralympic Sports Federations of the CIP: FISPES, FISDIR, and FSSI.



Cash prizes will be awarded to the top overall male and female finishers and the top societies. Sport equipment will be awarded to the overall winners beyond those awarded in cash and to the categories.



Any complaints regarding the classification must be submitted within 30 minutes of the official classification display, initially verbally to the Finish Judge and then in writing to the Appeals Judge, accompanied by a fee of €100.00 which will be refunded if the complaint is upheld. For all matters not expressly provided for, refer to the general regulations of FIDAL.



The organization will provide athletes and accompanying persons with interesting hotel availability at absolutely “exclusive” costs. For information and contacts, consult the website on the ACCOMMODATION page.



In the event the race is cancelled and/or postponed to another date, or otherwise not held due to reasons or causes not attributable and/or referable to the will of the Organization, including the revocation of the authorization to hold the event by the competent Public Authorities, the registrant shall have no claim against Roma Ostia SSD., neither for the refund of the registration fee nor for the reimbursement of any expenses incurred or to be incurred.

The submission of the registration form implies acceptance of this clause and constitutes express waiver of any claims resulting from the cancellation and/or postponement of the race, whether relating to compensation for any damages suffered or incurred, or indemnities, or any other reinstatement or satisfactory claim for any pecuniary and non-pecuniary prejudice suffered and to be suffered.

In the event of cancellation and/or postponement of the race, the registration made can be used for the rescheduled date or can be used for the race that will take place the following year. The athlete in such circumstances may also avail themselves of the transfer option indicated in point 4 of this regulation.





The data controller is Roma Ostia with registered office in Rome, Viale Marco Polo, 104, 00154 Rome. For any contact, the following email address is available:


The processing of personal data is carried out exclusively for the purposes related to the Rome Half Marathon sports event. The data provided will be processed lawfully and fairly, as established by EU Regulation No. 579/2015 and Legislative Decree No. 195/2004, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 101/2018, regarding the protection of personal data.


The provision of personal data is mandatory for participation in the event, and consent to processing is expressed by requesting registration for the event. Refusal will result in the impossibility of registration.


The processing of personal data is carried out by the Data Controller and by persons authorized by him. The data may be communicated to CONI, FIDAL, IAAF, EA, EMA, IOC, and other public bodies. The data may also be communicated to national and international sports justice bodies. Where necessary, the communication of the data provided may be made to third parties providing collateral and instrumental services. For the purpose of news coverage and documentation of sports activities, the data may be published using the means that Rome Half Marathon deems most appropriate. The dissemination of data will occur within the limits of essentiality of the information (principle of essentiality) regarding events of public interest.


The Data Controller will process the personal data provided for the duration of the event and subsequently for archiving purposes for historical and statistical purposes. Personal data may be transferred to European Union countries and to third countries for institutional purposes. At any time, the rights provided for by current regulations on Data Protection may be exercised, specifically the right of access to personal data, rectification or erasure thereof, limitation of processing or opposition to processing, and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.



By registering for the Rome Half Marathon 2024, the athlete expressly authorizes the organization, together with its partners, to acquire free of charge the right to use still or moving images in which the athlete may appear, taken during his participation in the Rome Half Marathon 2024, on all visual media as well as on promotional and/or advertising materials, produced and disseminated worldwide and for the maximum time period provided for by laws, regulations, treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to the prescribed period.



The registrant is responsible for the ownership and custody of their race bib, the presentation of which guarantees the right to use all the services mentioned in this regulation and subsequently communicated.


  1. Anyone participating without a bib, without proper registration, besides being held responsible for damages to persons or property, including themselves, will incur sports sanctions within the jurisdiction of federal bodies and may be subject to criminal penalties provided for the offense of “theft” (Art. 524. c.p.).
  2. Anyone participating with a counterfeit bib or one not conforming to the assignment, or with someone else’s bib, in addition to being responsible as indicated above, will incur sports sanctions and, moreover, may be subject to criminal penalties provided for the offense of “theft” (Art. 524 c.p.), or alternatively, for the offense of fraud (Art. 540 c.p.).


In cases 1) and 2), participants may be subject to sanctions provided for the offense of “non-compliance with Authority measures” (Art. 550 c.p.). The aforementioned circumstances will be verified through photographic and/or video documentation.


It is prohibited to enter grids other than those assigned at the time of registration, as well as to throw, within the starting grids and on the race course, T-shirts, capes, or any other object that may cause obstruction or the fall of subsequent athletes. In case of violation, the athlete will be held responsible for the damages caused, with consequent actions both in criminal and civil proceedings.


It is prohibited to “cut” the established route and/or take shortcuts and/or enter the race course from a point other than the starting line. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in disqualification of the athlete, as well as the athlete’s liability for any damages caused to third parties.



By accepting this regulation, the athlete expressly declares to assume all risks arising from participation in the event, such as, by way of example, any falls, contacts with vehicles and/or other participants, spectators or others, adverse weather conditions, road surface conditions, and any other different type of risk.


As a consequence of such acceptance, the organizing entity and the individual subjects who participated in the organization of the sports event are expressly exempted from any liability for any damage or injury resulting from participation in the event.



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for better organization of the race, after giving notice and obtaining approval from FIDAL.

For matters not covered by this regulation, the technical statutory rules of FIDAL and GGG apply.

Any changes to services, locations, and times will be properly communicated to registered athletes or will be posted on the website

Additionally, documentation containing essential information to participate in the race will be provided by the organization along with the race bib.



For information about the Rome Half Marathon, you can contact:


Roma Ostia Ssd

Address: Viale Marco Polo 104

Phone: +39 06 57288029