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Rome, 2nd July, 2024 – Twenty-one kilometers and 97 meters to run amidst the wonders of the Capital: this is the Wizz Air Rome Half Marathon 2024, the new half marathon in Rome scheduled for the upcoming 20th October. It is organized by RomaOstia and RCS Sports & Events, renewing their collaboration started in 2016 for Italy’s most important and popular half marathon, the RomaOstia Half Marathon.

The presentation of the new half marathon took place today at the Auditorium Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome, in the presence of Alessandro Onorato, the councilor for major events, sports, tourism, and fashion, József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, the Title Sponsor of the Rome Half Marathon 2024, Stefano Barigelli, director of La Gazzetta dello Sport, and Paolo Bellino, CEO of RCS Sports & Events. The event was moderated by Laura Duchi, who served both as host and race director, introducing the speeches of Alessandro Cochi, sports delegate of councilor Elena Palazzo from the Lazio Region, Luca Onofrio, head of mass events at RCS Sports & Events, along with Alessandro Tappa from Sport Senza Frontiere and Lorenzo Tagliavanti, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

The event starts with the best prospects. With less than four months to go, there are already 10,500 registrations, with 70% of them being foreign runners (about 7,400). This is a surprising result for the organizers, confirming the strength and allure of Rome worldwide.

Running the Rome Half Marathon allows one to breathe in the history of the Capital, immersing in its infinite beauty: the Colosseum, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, the Caracalla Baths, Circus Maximus, and the Roman Forum. Thanks to a course that, with its 21.097 kilometers, offers scenic views and the possibility of excellent timing, due to the many wide roads included in the route.

The Wizz Air Rome Half Marathon aims to be an event as inclusive as possible. Alongside the half marathon, there is a relay race, a running format that allows runners to split the course into three segments of approximately 7 kilometers each, this will enable less trained individuals to participate in the event while also being supportive. Participation in the relay is possible only through one of the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) participating in the fundraising project, the Rome Half Marathon Charity Program.

In addition to the half marathon and the relay, there is a non-competitive 5-kilometer run and the Business Run. The latter will involve numerous entrepreneurs from various sectors (craftsmanship, commerce, tourism and services, agriculture, and industry). The Rome Half Marathon will notably host the “Italian Entrepreneurs’ Half Marathon Championship,” an event promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Lorenzo Tagliavanti. This championship was successfully tested in several editions of the RomaOstia Half Marathon until 2014. Entrepreneurs participating in the Business Run will be included in a special ranking, where the title of Italian Champion of Entrepreneurs and various categories will be awarded, both for men and women.


Alessandro Onorato, Councilor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism, and Fashion of Rome Capital:

“We strongly wanted to establish a single half marathon in Rome; too many events in the historic center were causing confusion and not fully showcasing the city’s potential. This event will become a fundamental asset for Rome. The response from enthusiasts is extraordinary. Actually, four months before the event, we have already surpassed 10,000 registrants: this means that the Rome Half Marathon can become the most run half marathon in the world.

We are convinced it will generate a significant economic impact, contributing to improved tourist flows: over 70% of the registrants are from abroad, more than 7,000 athletes from 110 nations, with France, England, Germany, Spain, the United States, and Brazil having the most representatives.
It will also ensure a valuable social impact thanks to the non-competitive runs and the charity relay, whose participants will directly fund the solidarity sports projects of non-profit organizations.
The Rome Half Marathon will be a sports festival, with competitive athletes, enthusiasts, and many families. Experiencing such days increases awareness of the importance of physical activity as a moment of sharing and as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Paolo Bellino, General Manager and CEO of RCS Sports & Events:

“RCS Sport is following an important path in the sustainability of its sporting events, alongside the company Nativa, for precise work that has become our operational mode and will also characterize the new Rome Half Marathon. Running events represent great promotion platforms not only for the Capital but for our entire territory. I emphasize the great privilege of working with a national media outlet like La Gazzetta dello Sport, both part of the same publishing group, a strengthening union that accompanies our activities.”

Alessandro Onorato, Councilor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism, and Fashion of Rome Capital:

“We have doubled the number of technical shirts we will give to registrants, aiming to reach 30,000 participants (20,000 in the half marathon and 10,000 in the relay), an ambitious goal but not difficult to achieve thanks to the communication efforts we will deploy in the coming weeks. We are increasingly focusing on international engagement with the race, aiming to reach 150 countries through television coverage. This is another ambitious goal because we believe there is still ample room for growth in our sporting events.”

Laura Duchi, Race Director of the Rome Half Marathon:

“As a runner and a Roman, I am proud to be the race director of this Half Marathon, initiated by Rome Capital, and to partner once again with RCS S&E. The city of Rome attracts runners from all over Italy and the world, and increasingly more women. Currently, 47% of the registrants are women, a significant figure compared to the average Italian races, where the percentage struggles to reach 25%. This data is particularly pleasing to us and brings us closer to the numbers and targets of major international events, where women represent over half of the participants.”
Stefano Barigelli, Director of La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“It is a great pleasure for me to be here not only as a Roman citizen but also as the director of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy’s most-read newspaper, which alone recorded 61 million online views during the European Football Championship, a result stemming from significant investment in social media over the years. Events in the Capital, the most beautiful city in the world, such as the Giro d’Italia, the International Tennis Championships, and major races including the upcoming Rome Half Marathon, in various sports disciplines, must be covered by a national newspaper like Gazzetta. This commitment and work translate over time into a benefit not only for the city but for our entire country.”

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air:

“Today’s announcement once again underscores Wizz Air’s long-term commitment to Italy. Twenty years ago, on our first day of operations, one of Wizz Air’s first flights landed in Milan and Rome; since then, we have consistently expanded our presence and invested in the country. To date, we have 24 aircraft in 5 bases in Italy and serve over 200 routes to more than 90 destinations in 38 countries from 25 Italian airports. Our commitment to Rome, Wizz’s largest base in Italy, continues, and we will soon open our new training center in Fiumicino, along with further expanding our low-cost flight network with four new routes to Lisbon, Poznan, Bacau, and Sarajevo. Alongside the latest routes announced in Milan last week, we are adding another million seats to the Italian market.

Wizz Air has always supported mobility and an active lifestyle. Running and low-cost travel have much in common: both are democratic activities, improve people’s lives by keeping them active, and create new experiences accessible to everyone. Since 2023, nearly 130,000 runners have participated in Wizz Air running events in Milan, Cluj Napoca, London, Budapest, Debrecen, Skopje, Sofia, and Venice. It is a particular pleasure for me to add the Wizz Air Rome Half Marathon to this portfolio, and we hope this event attracts many Italian and foreign runners.

We hope to continue announcing positive news in Italy and look forward to welcoming many happy passengers aboard our planes.”

Wizz Air – Title Sponsor

Wizz Air operates numerous routes connecting Rome with more than 70 destinations in Europe and beyond. Its involvement will certainly add an even more international flavour to the sporting event.
Last May, Wizz Air celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its inaugural flight from Katowice, Poland, to London Luton on the 19th May, 2004, it has transported nearly 400 million passengers worldwide. On the same day, the first flight from Italy took off; the company has been operating in Italy for 20 years, transporting more than 80 million passengers to and from Italy.

Wizz Air has inaugurated new routes departing from Rome for summer 2024 to Alicante, Hamburg, Berlin, and Gdańsk. Additionally, from September, there will be a new Rome-Copenhagen connection. This summer season, Wizz Air will operate over 200 routes from Italy and over 70 routes from Rome, further strengthening its position and increasing its market share compared to last year.

The airline has been named the best low-cost carrier in Europe by the World Travel Awards, one of the most prestigious recognitions in the tourism industry, adding to other accolades received in recent years. These include being recognized as the most environmentally sustainable airline globally (World Finance Sustainability Awards in 2021-2023 and CAPA-Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence in 2022-2023). Wizz Air, a Hungarian company, has long been committed to pioneering sustainable aviation practices with the use of fuel-efficient aircraft and investments aimed at reducing environmental impact and CO2 emissions. These goals align perfectly with the sustainability path pursued by the organizers, who have prioritized these aspects for years.